About Me


    I been drawing cartoons as long as I can remember. I still have cartoons from grade school. “Happy Pappy and Jim,” “Sleepy Ed and Cat” and “Super Raccoon” were the names of my early comic strips.

    In junior high school, I created my own version of superheroes because I grew up reading comic books. I called them “SuperJerks.” I made my own comic book featuring them. For a while, I thought I would want to draw comic books for real. I even dropped off some artwork at DC Comics when my high school choir was in New York City for a concert.


    With a rejection letter sent back, I turned to making comic strips and gag cartoons. In college, I started out as an art major. I found I was only interested in cartooning and not in other forms of artwork.


    I tried to get a comic strip into a college newspaper, but was unsuccessful. I tried to cater to the college crowd by being crude and alcohol related, but it wasn’t me. I did manage to get a cow on a surfboard for a spring break issue.

    Since graduating college, I’ve mostly made cartoons for myself, or family and friends. I have submitted some gag cartoons to various magazines, but nothing sold. I then worked on creating a comic strip around my two penguins. “Mort’s Island” (formally “Noah’s Island”) is the latest version to feature them. I had submitted a version of this strip back in 2005 to various comic strip syndicates with no luck. I eventually entered a comic strip contest in 2009. I didn’t win, but did well enough in it to encourage me to continue the strip.

    In 2010, I began to publish my comic strip on the GoComics website. They have a section for aspiring cartoonists call Sherpa. There I can get feedback and have my work seen. I published a daily strip for six years until scaling back to work on improvements to the strip and to work on other projects.